Personal projects

I have a lot of small personal projects that never see the light of day (as do a lot of other programmers). Here is an overview of the projects which I did put online.

CSV Sorting

Sorting CSV files which do not fit into memory with a bunch of options. See my blogpost for more info.

Annotation tool

I created an PDF annotation tool that runs locally and stores annotations in a structured way. It is meant for natural language projects, in which PDF files are all you have. This is very much inspired by larger online annotation tools, but this one is offline and should run without too much memory consumption (viewing PDF is sadly a heavy task in and of itself).

The result can be found here, with a bunch of suggestions for more supported solutions. I would suggest using one of the alternatives since a lot has changed in this space.

Why: I want to use a simple and low-resources annotation tool. And in the meantime learn a bit about Vala, the forgotten language to interface with GTK easily. I also got to toy with packaging the application for Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu.

Duplicity backup view

A silly project to scratch a weird need. With this tool, you can browse the output of a "show all files in a duplicity backup" command. There is a very basic file browser interface using python curses. And a very basic shell like environment with just a few options.

Why: I wanted to know what files were in an old backup (without knowing how they are called, else I would use grep, or knowing how many files there should be). Furthermore, it is fun to learn about curses and try to create a terminal user interface (TUI).