About me

Welcome to my page. I am a data professional for Qimia. I like to tinker with programs and try to make life easier for others and myself by creating software. Software is often on my mind, and I love to discuss ideas.


The type of work I have been doing:


Programming languages

Professionally: Java, Python, Scala (and plenty of SQL)

In the past: Matlab, C, Prolog (at university)

In my spare time : Rust, Go, Elm, Julia, Vala (and with interest in many many more, I like to geek out about them from time to time)


I have been using different flavors of the Linux operating system (Redhat/Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Arch) since 2008. In a long distant past I also helped manage some Microsoft Windows machines using Windows Server 2003.

Through project work for customers, I work extensively with the GCP, AWS, Azure cloud-platforms and especially their data oriented services. My own projects run on Hetzner and Transip and I enjoy hosting things locally.

There are a couple of larger pieces of software I helped operate at one point: PostgreSQL, Kafka, Clickhouse, MySQL, Hadoop (Hortonworks, Cloudera).