About me

Welcome to my page. Professionally, I do data science, data engineering, and software development for Qimia. Personally, I like to tinker with programs and try to make life easier for others and myself by creating software. I´m always open to talk about data development, and I would love to discuss ideas.


A list of some things my past projects involved:


Programming languages

profesionally: Python, Java, Scala (and plenty of SQL)

in the past: Matlab, Prolog, C

spare time (to varying degrees): Julia, Rust, Go (and with interest in too many to write down, I like to geek out about them sometimes)


OS wise I have most experience with different flavors of linux (Redhat/Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse). In a long distant past I also helped manage some windows machines using Windows Server 2003.

There are many larger pieces of software I helped manage at one point like: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Clickhouse, Hadoop (Hortonworks, Cloudera).

Through project work for customers, I also got to work with the AWS, Azure, GCP clouds and especially their data oriented services. My own projects run on Hetzner and Transip.